6 Little Known Facts About Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is one of the most talked about topics in the medical field today. Many people are aware of some of the basics of treatment and diagnosis, but there are a few facts that are not well known. Here are 6 little known facts about breast cancer.

1. Not All Breast Cancer Cases Are Inherited – Many people think that all breast cancers are caused by a gene that is passed down from generation to generation, but that is not necessarily true. In fact, the majority of breast cancer cases are not inherited, but rather are due to lifestyle habits such as smoking, drinking alcohol, and being overweight.

2. Healthy Eating Can Reduce Your Risk – Eating a healthy diet can lower your risk for developing breast cancer. This includes eating plenty of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains, and avoiding red meat and processed foods.

3. Breast Cancer Can Occur in Men – While it is much more common in women, male breast cancer does exist. While the exact cause is not known, certain risk factors such as exposure to radiation and exposure to certain chemicals can increase the risk of developing breast cancer in men.

4. Regular Exercise May Lower Breast Cancer Risk – Research suggests that regular physical activity can reduce the risk of developing breast cancer. Exercise can raise circulating concentrations of growth factors and hormones, which are believed to have an effect on breast cancer risk.

5. Mammograms Can Find Breast Cancer Early – Mammograms are one of the best tools used to find breast cancer in its early stages. Regular mammograms are encouraged for all women over the age of 40, and depending on certain factors, may be recommended for younger women as well.

6. Stress Management Can Improve Survival Rates – Studies show that women with breast cancer who engage in stress management techniques such as yoga and meditation have higher survival rates than those who don’t. This is because managing stress can reduce inflammation, which can help slow the spread of cancer.

These six little known facts about breast cancer can be helpful in raising awareness about the disease and promoting prevention. By understanding the facts, you can take the necessary steps to reduce your risk and get the most out of your breast cancer treatments.

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