A Brain Injury Is Like The Color Blue

Brain injuries can be a difficult topic to discuss as no two cases are ever the same. They range in severity, can take on many forms, and are often long-lasting experiences. It’s no surprise then that coming up with a vivid description that accurately communicates the essence of a brain injury can be a challenging task. However, one way we can begin to appreciate the unique experience of a brain injury is by likening it to the color blue.

Just like blue, a brain injury may be bright and vibrant or darker and muted in its presentation. Bright blue often signals a relatively mild injury that should heal with time while a darker or muted blue, like a deep navy or navy blue, often signifies a more severe injury that may last longer and present lasting effects.

Like blue, a brain injury may envelop a person’s entire life or only affect certain elements. Some people may wake up after a traumatic brain injury to find that the world has taken on a bluer hue, speckled with bruises of unfamiliarity and confusion. Others may experience a whole new spectrum of blues as some areas of their life take on more prominence than others.

Just like blue, a brain injury can often be beautiful and calming, imparting a sense of tranquility and peace on its surrounding environment. That said, there can come an associated feeling of sadness or despair, something that is deeply intertwined with the complexities of the injury and its long-term consequences.

Like blue, a brain injury is deep, timeless and full of questions. It can be paralyzing, confusing, and all-encompassing. It’s an experience that is frequently shrouded in shame and stigma, often leaving people feeling isolated and debilitated.

Just like a stunning sky-blue, the sky may seem limitlessly beautiful but the ground beneath our feet can be a turbulent and turbulent experience. But the beauty of it all is that these experiences, like the bluest sky, will soon clear, allowing us to appreciate the beauty of life and the moments in between.

The color blue is often associated with feelings of peace, serenity, hope and understanding. While living with the effects of a brain injury can seem like an endless journey, understanding and embracing the nature of the injury can bring us hope, peace and ultimately a renewed sense of clarity and appreciation for life.

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