A Story About the Amazing Grace Jones & Her Healing Journey of Colon Cancer and Reiki During Surgery

When it comes to inspiring stories of courage and resilience, it’s hard to beat the uplifting tale of Grace Jones. As a 63 year old grandmother of five, Grace Jones was diagnosed with colon cancer just over two years ago. That’s enough of a shock in itself, made that much worse by the fact that she was facing an arduous and potentially life-threatening surgical procedure that would require her gut to be opened up.

But what made her story truly remarkable was the steps she took to help herself heal. Despite the dire situation she was in, Jones reached out to try Reiki, a form of alternative energy healing, which she believes helped her to heal and recover from her major surgery. Of course, mere optimism is not what made Grace Jones so extraordinary. It was the fact that she was experimenting with new and untested holistic treatments before the surgery, and even during the surgery itself.

In the months leading up to her surgery, Grace took Reiki sessions with a certified Reiki practitioner, who worked on realigning her energy fields and helping her to clear any blocks she was facing. She also kept exploring energy healing and mindfulness practices every day, even through the daunting prospect of surgery.

On the day of her surgery, Jones’s Reiki master was there to provide support. While the medical staff was busy working to remove the cancer, the Reiki practitioner used the ancient techniques to help comfort and heal Jones’s body. And amazingly, even during the surgery Jones was actively using her Reiki practice—she was taking deep breaths, focusing her attention on her chakras and feet while surgeons had her gut opened up.

Grace Jones credits the combination of physical and mental techniques she used to get her through the ordeal with helping her to heal quickly. In particular, her provider believes that because Jones was able to keep her energy balanced, she was able to reduce the amount of scar tissue that formed and dramatically cut down the amount of recovery time required.

The courage and resilience Jones showed in the face of such a serious and frightening medical condition is truly inspiring. Her story is a remarkable testament to the power of medicinal treatments as well as alternative methods like Reiki in the journey to full health. Jones is living proof that holistic and integrated treatments are far more powerful than just surgery and drugs to heal the body.

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