Did the Power of Prayer or Pembrolizumab Cure Former President Jimmy Carter?

Throughout former President Jimmy Carter’s life he has been an advocate for not only the general public, but also the world of faith. After being diagnosed with the deadly cancer melonoma in 2015, he found solace and strength in prayer and God, seeking His help in order to battle this battle. But did prayer alone, or rather a combination of the power of prayer and modern medicine, help him cure form such a deadly disease?

When former President Carter was diagnosed with Melanoma it was on his liver and brain, presenting itself in four visible lesions. The doctors believed that, with such an advanced diagnosis, he had only a few months to live. Intense treatments were tried, including taking the controversial and relatively new drug, Pembrolizumab, developed to help in cancer research. Though the drug is still considered experimental the doctors had faith that it would work.

Rather than relying on medication, however, Carter focused on his faith and prayer, asking the Lord to help him in his fight. He declared that prayer was more important than medical treatment, in terms of his health, and that it gave him strength and courage to carry on.

God answered his prayers, and nearly a year later, Carter had fully recovered. His doctors credited the combination of prayer and Pembrolizumab to being the cause of the success of his recovery, citing the drug’s ability to target the cancer cells, and even prevent new tumors from forming.

In the aftermath of his diagnosis, President Carter gave many interviews and speeches to share his experience and expressed huge appreciation for the Lord’s help. Prayers from all around the world were sent in his name, and in the end, Carter believes it was the power of prayer that ultimately helped him to beat this deadly disease.

Whether it was the power of prayer, modern medicine or a combination of the two that cured former President Jimmy Carter’s cancer, one cannot deny that the Lord was and is ultimately in control of his healing. Carter had strong faith in God, and ultimately shared a message of strength, faith, and hope to the world.

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